Simple and convenient DIY machine assembly

Simple and convenient DIY machine assembly

“Assembly” is a very important key to understanding the machine, allowing you to understand the composition of the PING mechanical mechanism.

In order to make it easier for all partners to assemble, the super-intensive development team has made these mechanisms modular and equipped with quick-release joints that are easy to assemble.

As long as you can lock the screws, don’t worry, it’s a lazy assembly??! Even the editor who has never had experience in assembling a machine can complete the installation by himself following the instructions step by step.

❗️❗️During the installation process, the “T-shaped nut” should be the most troublesome thing for RHEA. Everyone should pay attention to loosen the nut.

And pay attention to rotate the T-nut to a position 90 degrees perpendicular to the installation direction and then lock it? Only then can it be fixed smoothly.

What are the advantages of modularization?

– Easy to assemble – reduces printing problems caused by assembly errors
– Easy to troubleshoot the cause – Easy and convenient logistical maintenance

The disadvantage of modularization is probably that it is less challenging, but take your time, carefully install and understand the role of each component in the machine,

I believe that everyone can successfully complete their own 3D printers, let’s cheer together after the assembly is complete!