Commercial 3D Printer FAQ


Whatever your interests or industry, we provide professional consulting services.

Questions about buying a machine

3D printing generates a physical object, which requires a 3D file before printing. Common applications include:

  1. Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Mockups: Used for design sample confirmation and discussions.
  2. Consumer Products: Directly usable items for specific occasions, even becoming commodities.
  3. Processed Products: Achieved through additional processes like sandblasting, carbon fiber coating, filling, post-processing, etc.
  4. Jigs and Fixtures: Improves production efficiency by 3D printing physical tools aiding in manufacturing.
  5. 3D Printing as a Service: Commercial use to provide services for generating income.
  6. 3D Design Education: Physical objects aid in learning, aiding in drawing or equipment comprehension.
  7. Reverse Engineering: 3D replication, restoration.
  8. Hobbies, Interests, Research: Exploring 3D printing, testing machines.

You can view desktop models at the PING Taichung Sales Center: P200/P300+/D300; as well as floor-standing large dual-material models: D450/D600/D800.

If you’re interested in seeing the physical equipment on-site, please contact us. Once you’ve successfully scheduled an appointment, you can visit the location to view the machines, ensuring you make the best use of your valuable time.

Taichung Sales Center:
Phone: (04) 2560 8134
Address: No. 460, Shenlin South Road, Daya District, Taichung City

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

To minimize the risks associated with your purchase, we offer the option to provide design files for sample printing evaluations. This ensures that both “print quality” and “service” meet your requirements before making a purchase.

We place significant emphasis on the quality of components. Over 90% of the parts are supplied by Taiwanese vendors. From materials and semi-finished products to finished goods and shipping, each manufacturing stage undergoes quality control checks, ensuring compliance with standards before proceeding to the next phase. Our equipment doesn’t require automatic recalibration and height adjustment before each print, providing you with a stable and reliable printing experience.

The biggest difference between PING and other brands is our dedicated service team. You can receive comprehensive one-on-one tutorials for both “equipment operation” and “software setup.” Once you join our customer service Line, you can get assistance for any issues directly through that channel.

Customer Service Hours: Regular working days, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
PING Line ID: @ping3dp
Facebook Group Discussion Area:

Feel free to ask if you need more information.

Yes, we provide three options for obtaining 3D printed objects:

  1. Equipment Purchase: For confidentiality and long-term use, you can buy the equipment for your own office.
  2. Equipment Rental: If you have budget considerations, confidentiality concerns, or short-term or large-scale printing needs, you can consider renting the equipment.
  3. Printing Services: Outsourcing 3D printing work is effortless and burden-free. This service is provided by our partner, “InCore Factory.”
    Feel free to ask if you need more information or assistance.

Warranty & After-sales Service

During the warranty period:

  1. Free replacement of equipment parts, excluding consumables such as nozzles. (See user manual for details)
  2. Two free on-site maintenance services provided. (Except for model: P200)
    Feel free to inquire for more information or clarification.

A 3D printer is a processing device involving various parameter settings. We provide the following services:

  1. Assistance with abnormal printing, software project files, error checks.
  2. Explanation of software parameters.
  3. Assistance with parameter testing for “special filaments.”
  4. Professional consultation and response for 3D application inquiries.

You can have new colleagues join our online customer service and provide the equipment serial number. The equipment maintenance history will be retained. Whether within or beyond the warranty period, we can help you troubleshoot issues online. Alternatively, you can opt for paid on-site training services.

Feel free to inquire for more details or make arrangements.