Desktop 3D Printer P200
Desktop 3D Printer P200

P200 Single Material Desktop 3D printer

Prototyping & Batch Production 3D Printers

  • No hidden costs
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Expert weekday tech support
  • Fully supported solutions
  • Wide range of print materials
  • High speed nozzle option
  • Intuitive controls

Market leading print quality

The P200 easily exceeds the capabilities of other desktop 3D printers on the market today. Our delta frame construction and zero-stretch drive belts deliver sector-leading positional accuracy that guarantees excellent surface textures. Rapid printing at the maximum layer height setting of 0.2mm, but can also achieve ultra high layer resolution by setting to print at 0.05mm layer intervals.

Desktop 3D Printer P200 Market leading print quality

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Desktop 3D Printer P200 Quiet

Only 50db of noise due to the ultra-quiet TM2209 chip driver, like a light breeze on a quiet day

Washing machine
80~100 db
Busy office
65~75 db
40~55 db
Climate Controlled Cover

The transparent cover opens on all three sides to manage ambient printing conditions. Internal temperature can be maintained above 40°C with humidity below 20% for perfect control of plastic setting time.


Achieve a printing speed of 150mm/s with our lightweight (140g) suspended extruder. High friction Ø12mm dual gear extrusion maximizes accuracy and efficiency.


The TMC2209 chip produces a whisper-quiet measured decibel level of only 50db.


Experience incredible detail for a desktop 3D printer at the smallest supported nozzle caliber of 0.2mm.


With ABS, PC, and TPE (soft material) options as standard, you can also print in PA-CF (carbon fiber nylon) with the optional hardened steel nozzle/extruder

Desktop 3D Printer P200

Unbeatable service & technical support

When you choose Ping as your 3D printing partner, you gain access to our team of experienced 3D printing engineers. We know exactly how to get the best results no matter what your project.

Free consultancy with every printer!

Our customer testimonials demonstrate our commitment to getting you the results you deserve. With every 3D printer we include a full 3D printing consultancy service!

Built to last & made to build...

Environmental temperature control

Stable cabinet temperature management with closed doors and heated build platform eliminates problems with uneven cooling, warping and distortion.

Desktop 3D Printer P200 Single Material Printers
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Single Material Printers

Our single material 3D commercial printers deliver a cost-effective and versatile solution for product design and prototyping. Ideal for short production runs when you need to deliver high quality results on time, every time.

Take your business to the next level with our innovative, high speed, reliable 3D single material printers. Ongoing technical support for headache-free printing. Business finance options avaliable.

  • Cost-effective rapid prototyping
  • Patented high speed nozzle options
  • Full service and technical support
Play Video about Desktop 3D Printer P200 Programmed for excellence

Programmed for excellence

PING Slicer software is based on the reliable and trusted open source Cura Slicer. Additional detailed and specific parameters enhance results from Ping nozzle and printing technology. Includes optimal parameter settings for each nozzle size as well as multi-caliber materials

Desktop 3D Printer P200 New nozzle thermal insulation design for higher performance
New nozzle thermal insulation design for higher performance
Desktop 3D Printer P200 Dual gear extrusion for increased efficiency twice the performance half the effort
Dual gear extrusion for increased efficiency: twice the performance, half the effort.
Desktop 3D Printer P200 The world's first concealed belt slide protection design
The world's first concealed belt slide protection design

Desktop 3D Printer
P200 Specification

Desktop 3D Printer P200 Specification
Desktop 3D Printer P200 Specification
Desktop 3D Printer P200 Specification

Buy Printer Filaments

With our wide range of printer filaments, you can 3D print objects with significantly different engineering characteristics. Print soft and flexible grips as well as rigid structures with high structural integrity.

  • PLA, PLA Plus
  • ABS Pro
  • Nylon
  • TPU(85A) / TPU(75A)
  • Breakaway materials
Printer Filaments Sample
Printer Filaments Sample
Printer Filaments Sample
Printer Filaments Sample