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Delta 3D printer manufacturer skilled engineers provide you with technical support, allowing you to use 3D printers to complete more work in a shorter time.

3D Printer Manufacturer
3D Printer Manufacturer Delta 3D printing precision by design

Delta 3D printing - precision by design

Our unique triangular frames make our printers more rigid than square frame printers for enhanced precision. Extruder drive belts are protected to minimize stretch and reduce wear. Our attention to detail ensures we deliver the quality and precision you deserve.

High speed single material 3D printing

Our innovative single material printer options include high-speed nozzle designs for rapid prototyping and production printing, faster than any other standard 3D printer nozzle of the same quality.

Unlock the impossible with Ping 3D printers

Our superior patented nozzle technology allows you to print finished products that are impossible to manufacture by any other process including injection molding and CNC machining.

Advanced dual material technology

The Ping 2-in-1-out dual material nozzle increases precision for ultra-detailed prototypes and creates new possibilities in clean break-away without further finishing. Smoothly graded color mixing enables art-quality finishes.

3D Printer Manufacturer Unlock the impossible with Ping 3D printers
white blend
darker blue blend
light blue blend
3D Printer Manufacturer Flexible leasing & factory solutions

3D Printer Manufacturer- factory solutions

As a 3D printer manufacturer we offer our customers incredible flexibility through our leasing services and factory installation services. Now you can choose between ownership or leasing with full technical and maintenance support. No matter what your business model, Ping is your perfect 3D printing partner.

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3D Printer Manufacturer Personalized Training

Personalized Training

Our professional instructors will help you to do more with your 3D printer, in less time and with more efficient use of materials. Small group and one-to-one sessions catered to your specific requirements and existing knowledge will give you the best possible results from your Ping 3D printer.

Training can be delivered at our premises or at your work site depending on the situation and preferences. One of our expert engineers can guide inexperienced teams from design principles through to optimized finished products, or you may want specific expert input into a materials issue or design problem. Whatever the scale of your requirement, we’re happy to help.

Professional 3D Printing Application Assessments

The expanding use of 3D printers by companies across all sectors introduces new demands for expertise. 3D printers have grown from project prototyping to become established as a standard tool for small scale manufacturing and prototyping of almost any conceivable product.

We offer professional consulting services to assist you in developing 3D printing applications no matter what your interest or industry. Our experienced engineers can help you assess feasibility and guide you on the way to realising your 3D printing project.

3D Printer Manufacturer Professional 3D Printing Application Assessments
3D Printer Manufacturer Responsive, expert after sales service

Responsive, expert after-sales service

PING 3D Printer supplies the highest quality 3D Printers in Taiwan. Our excellent after-sales service matches the quality of our printers. PING’s engineers provide the professional support you deserve to find answers to your 3D printing design challenges.