PING Slicer slicing software V2.1 version update

PING Slicer slicing software V2.1 version update

PING 3D Printer launched the PING Slicer version update today. This update will improve the convenience of the software and upgrade the preset parameters, making the slicing process easier and smoother.

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【update content】

1.「Optimization of double material washing tower」

When the slicing is completed, the washing tower is automatically generated to the same height as the main body, without additional manual addition.

2.「Preset slice parameter optimization」

Optimize the built-in parameter setting of PING wire to improve the printing success rate.

3.「Add a designated surface」

When slicing, you can specify any side of the 3D object and lay it flat on the printing platform.

4.「G-code file name optimization」

When saving the file, the printer model, nozzle diameter, time consumption, and weight are automatically inserted.

5.「Fast manual support」

Added graphical buttons to quickly build support.