PING Print Service

PING Print Service

Online 3D printing service
Starting from a professional FDM 3D printing equipment manufacturer, we have been exposed to large models, soft printing material product development, small-scale mass production, metal casting and other forming methods and cooperative projects. Cooperative industries include electronics, machinery, medical care, bicycles, architecture, molds, aerospace, etc.
Large model
Printing time: 125 HR Weight: 2250 g Nozzle size: 0.6 Printing layer height: 0.3
Print size: 77x28.5x30 cm ​3D Printer: DUAL 800
Printing time: 94 HR Weight: 426 g Nozzle size: 0.4 Printing layer height: 0.2
Print size: 69x61x55.5 cm ​3D Printer: DUAL 600
Product development
Printing time: 58 HR Weight: 400 g Nozzle size: 0.4 Printing layer height: 0.15
Print size: 20x13x7 cm ​3D Printer: DUAL 300
Flexible filament application
Printing time: 23 HR Weight: 124 g Nozzle size: 0.4 Printing layer height: 0.15
Print size: 12x3.5 cm ​3D Printer DUAL 300
Graduation production project
PING 3D Printer offers students the best prices.
Small volume production
PING 3D Printer provides you with the best solution.
Metal prototype

PING 3D Printer's printing service can help

you greatly cost of opening mold and

accelerate your production process.

PING 3D Printer gives you the highest quality printing service
PING 3D Printer provides multi-material for your application in make mould and make sample.
Printing Process
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Please prepare 3D files in stl format and contact information and mail to ezprint@ping3dp.comIf you any questions, please let us known in the letter, after receiving the letter we will confirm with you and reply to you.

Do you have any other needs contact us, Print Service TEL: 04-26880209 ​​Join PING's LINE@ for instant online customer service.

Get a quote
  • The minimum charge is NT 1000.
  • Free shipping(Dose not include outlying island international shipping.)
  • Pre-stored value, small volume production, student services and other discount pricing projects for contracted customers.
Q.How to calculate the cost of printing?
A.Weight calculation,basic minimum charge is NT 1000.
Q.Which 3D printing material to choose?
A.When it comes to materials used in 3D printing, you will find number options.
  • PLA(Black/White)。
  • ABS Pro/Nylon/PETG/PLA-Plus/Carbon Nylon/TPE。
Q.If i only have 2D graphics files, can i print them in 3D?
A.3D printing requires 3D files(STP/STL/OBJ) to be printed and produced.
​Q.If i only have 2D graphics files, can i print them in 3D?
A.3D printing requires 3D files to print. If you only have photos you can't print.
Q.Do you have post-production services?
A.No post-processing provided.