Large-scale 3D printing-special shape sofa・chair

Large scale 3D printing special shape sofa・chair

Use PING 3D printer to make large-scale exhibition exhibits

At the end of 2020, PING received an exhibition invitation from the “Three Creative Living Park”, and successfully exhibited a month-long 3D printing themed exhibition in July this year.

Different from the special exhibition of 3D printing exhibition and the exhibition of automation industry in the past, which aimed at professional users, the goal of this exhibition is to attract the general public. One of the main exhibition areas, the “Life Application Area”, uses a large 3D printer PING DUAL 800 to print realistically shaped sofas and chairs in order to truly restore the life scene in the living room.

Advantages of large-scale 3D printing integrated molding

3D printing objects often cannot be placed directly in the machine for printing because the model is too large. To solve this situation, it is usually chosen to disassemble the model and print it in batches. Finally, the completed Components are assembled or glued together. This is the only solution when the printing area of ​​the machine is insufficient, but it also loses some object strength and requires redesigning the calibration for the model. Therefore, when printing objects that need to maintain a certain strength, it is necessary to print the model through a large 3D printer at one time to ensure that the object can withstand greater pressure.

PING DUAL series of large-scale printers can assist various industries in rapid and accurate product development and design

In the past, before 3D printing was used for development, the development team had to use CNC, casting, plastic injection and other technologies to obtain samples after the initial design was completed. Before the design of a product was finalized, it usually went through many times. Design changes often take a lot of time. When the test sample volume is large, it will also greatly increase the development cost.

Using 3D printers to assist in the production of initial samples of development can quickly obtain samples in a short period of time. High-precision printed objects can also be used for assembly testing and appearance evaluation. PING is equipped with a 1.5mm large-flow nozzle for large objects. Even large items over 12 kg can be finished in just a few days.