The 3D printing industry is progressing more and more. There are more startups and traditional industries cooperating with PING 3D Printer.


Let PING’s 3D Printer help you create your new industry, contact us for more professional assistance and advice.


LINKIN FACTORY is a manufacturer of Delta FDM based 3D Printer founded in Taichung Taiwan. With 10 years of R&D experience in automation equipment, product line includes single and 2-in-1-out extrusion normal and large scale 3D printer applying in variety of industries. At present, large-format 3D printers are the main products that can do one-piece-formed object easily are widely praised by the market.
PING, a leading industrial 3D printer brand in Taiwan, we are always maintaining professionalism and stability as the best indicator for the long-term development of the company.
Global Partners
PING 3D Printer maintained optimization of the user experience and give back to our customers, whether it is PING partner PING 3D Printer is founded on an unwavering dedication to builder long-lasting relationships with our end customers, our co-workers even our global partners, PING 3D Printer has always maintained the best service to establish a good relationship with each other.
PING 3D PRINTER achievement
  • PING DUAL 800開發完成

  • PING DUAL 600,榮獲金典設計獎

  • PING 800,受邀參與時裝周

  • PING DUAL 600 首次亮相

  • 雙料噴頭專利證書(M572826)通過

  • PING DUAL 300,第一台工業級雙進料3D列印機

  • PING EDU,教育入門3D列印機

  • PING 300H,PING 500

  • PING 270 DIY kit,第一台單料3D列印機

  • 聯造實業有限公司成立

Training of professional
PING 3D Printer has the professional 3D printer training instructors, and our professional guidance will make you do more with less on operating the equipment. One to one personal let you learn easily.
3D printer aluminum strut precision manufacturing video
Made In Taiwan- Precision Machining
ISO 9001:品質保證
Professional Industry Application Consulting
In view of the fact that major companies, education, medicine and other fields have generally begun to use 3D printers. PING 3D Printer’s 3D printing knowledge and technology can provide you with the most professional industry application consultation.
Pefecrt、immediate After-sales service
PING 3D Printer has the highest quality 3D Printer in Taiwan, we focus the after-sales service. PING’s equipment engineers can provide you with the most professional service and solve the thorny problems you encounter on the 3D printer.