PLA / Polylactic acid is a biodegradable industrial thermoplastic, which is easy to print, durable and relatively strong.

Parts printed with PLA are widely used in the prototyping stage of product development to prove a concept, chec the shape, confirm fit, etc.

  • Has amazing bending strength

  • Has good impact strength

PLA plus

​PLA plus has better toughness after special modification.
For complex objects, breakaway can be used as a support material to complete the model.



MODEX™ ABS Pro is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics, which has great mechanical properties and good heat resistance.

MODEX™ ABS Pro provides a variety of color filaments, let you have more ways of presenting in design.


Nylon has a high tensile strength, it meaning can hold a lot of weight without breaking, is nontoxic and melts at about 260 degrees C.

​Nylon is also particulary suitable for sample production of wearable products.

Carbon Fiber Nylon

Carbon Fiber Nylon has excellent mechanical strength and heat-resistant temperature. It is a composite material of nylon material developed on the basis of 3D printing and added with carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber Nylon has a good performance on our 3D printer, but please note that hardened steel nozzles must be used when printing to reduce wear and tear on nozzle.

glass fiber

Glass fiber adds strength、stiffness and dimensional stability - while remaining more ductile than carbon fiber reinforced grades.


85A is a strong, durable material offering great rebound and shock absorption capabilities.

High quality TPU resin. clear prints, flexible hardness 85A. No stringing, no warping and no clogging. allowing the material to easily stretch and bend.


75A dedicated for industrial and professional applications, open and closed FDM 3D printers. One of the advantages of the 75A material is its excellent combine with ABS Pro, which when used the DUAL printers, allow you produce unprecedented detail in FDM. 

Breakaway H/L

PING Breakaway support is easy and quick to remove. PING Breakaway can be used with the PING Slicer software, it leaves behind a smoother quality finish than other support material, with no further post-processing needed.


PVA (PolyVinyl Alcohol) filament

For complex hollow and suspended models, when there are internal pores that are difficult to remove the support material, you can choose PVA as support material. After printing, immerse the object in water and wait 6-12 hours for the support material to dissolve by itself. However, it must be noted that the material has poor moisture resistance and needs to be stored at all times to prevent moisture from affecting the print quality.