Flexible material

Many 3D users have the need to use 3D printing soft/flexible materials.
The prototypes of objects are: tires, shoe soles, bicycle grips, sealing gaskets, 3C item protective covers.
The main purpose is hoping that the object has toughness that can withstand impact, and has a shock-absorbing effect.
PING 3D printers apply fly extruder solution that has very good printing performance on flexible filament.


85A is a strong, durable material offering great rebound and shock absorption capabilities.

High quality TPU resin. clear prints, flexible hardness 85A. No stringing, no warping and no clogging. allowing the material to easily stretch and bend.


75A dedicated for industrial and professional applications, open and closed FDM 3D printers. One of the advantages of the 75A material is its excellent combine with ABS Pro, which when used the DUAL printers, allow you produce unprecedented detail in FDM.