DUAL-Support material

Exclusively for PING DUAL series users: dedicated support material series. It perfectly solves the problems that the support is difficult to remove, the size is inaccurate, and the support is inaccurately joined, and shortens the post-production time.

Breakaway H/L

PING Breakaway support is easy and quick to remove. PING Breakaway can be used with the PING Slicer software, it leaves behind a smoother quality finish than other support material, with no further post-processing needed.


PVA (PolyVinyl Alcohol) filament

For complex hollow and suspended models, when there are internal pores that are difficult to remove the support material, you can choose PVA as support material. After printing, immerse the object in water and wait 6-12 hours for the support material to dissolve by itself. However, it must be noted that the material has poor moisture resistance and needs to be stored at all times to prevent moisture from affecting the print quality.